Sunday, December 03, 2006

Daniel Powter performing live at Disneyland

Daniel Powter at Disneyland #1
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Three weeks ago ABC was filming the Walt Disney World Christmas Special at Disneyland and we got to watch and be a part of the crowd. I'm looking forward to seeing Daniel Powter's performance because the street was not packed with people although there were at least 200-300 people standing near the stage. I probably won't be seen since my camera was in front of my face most of the time but you never know maybe there is a shot of my camera. :) He performed a song I had not heard before and still do not know what it is thee weeks later but it sounded great and I'm sure it will not disappoint.

yes, people were clapping to a beat and I admit I clapped a little too. :P
Daniel Powter at Disneyland #2

Here is a wide shot with the crowd.
Daniel Powter at Disneyland #3

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