Sunday, February 17, 2008

Add your Access Point to Skyhook

When the iPhone went to version 1.1.3 the new faux GPS was added and I love it and use it all the time; not all Access Points in my area are registered with Skyhook so the precision for my location is spotty depending on if I am located via cell tower or wifi. I had contacted Skyhook asking if there was a way to add unregistered Access Points; a few weeks later and here is the reply:

"Thanks for you interest in helping us build our database of Wireless Access Points. We are more than happy to have you submit your home or office AP so that we can better serve you.
We have setup a form to make this process simpler for you. You can view the form and submit your information by going to: "

So if you have been wanting to add some Access Points to Skyhook but didn't know how or tried emailing them the information (this didn't work for me; after three weeks my AP wasn't added; I think this is why they made the form) then try the link to the form they sent me.

I added a few of the APs visible from home and will post again when they are active.


Anonymous said...

Great idea, but I can't find anywhere on the Internets how to determine what my Wifi MAC address is. Google turns up tons of hits on finding every other kind of MAC address, but not the external, wireless MAC address of a Wifi router. Does anyone know how to do this?

Anonymous said...

It's a magical law of the Internet that shortly after posting a question, one finds the answer.

Here it is:

Short summary: NetStumbler (Windows) or iStumbler (Mac).

Richard Lillis said...

hi cowdog! thanks for the follow-up comment.

The way I found my wifi AP MAC Address was though the wireless connection program running on my laptop Intel PROSet/Wireless; when I view the available networks I right click a network and select the properties which displays the MAC Address. I submitted all of the APs I can see from my home and work. :)

Thanks for the comments,


Anonymous said...

Can't you just read the number off the sticker on teh bottom of the AP? Usually has the number there

Richard Lillis said...

@mewhoelse, this is true but you may also want to add all visible AP from your location and mostlikely we are not able to look at the stickers of these devices.

thanks for the comment!