Monday, July 14, 2008

My iPhone Location finally knows where I live and work!

It only took 5 months for the entries I added to Skyhook to finally show up on my iPhone. When I use the map and ask for my location the little blue circle lands right onto the area I added to the Skyhook database. I am guessing that Apple refreshed their database with a fresh export from Skyhook for the new Version 2.0 release. I hope they will do this more often; when I am in areas with a lot of wifi it is really nice using my map to figure out where I am.

The next update Apple needs are the actual maps. For the last year my street for both map and satellite have been showing correct on Google Maps but the copy of Google Maps that the iPhone uses still does not show my street!

I don't know why Apple is not refreshing this data more often.

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