Sunday, September 28, 2008

Akoha is fun!

After the awesome Thank You from LibrarianByDay I got an email from Akoha letting me know she played the "Thank Someone" mission card to me and asked to confirm. I confirmed and presto I have an Akoha account! Although I still have not gotten my starter deck with cards to play I am able to go to the Mission HQ and view all available missions that are in the deck as well as created by other users. Guess what? You can add cards to your deck and print out a PDF! I added the "Teach Someone a New Game" mission to my deck and played it to a friend and a couple co-workers and now have 4 friends playing the game and I'm leveling up too.

So after just three days of playing I am enjoying it a lot and will be seeing if more of my friends are interested in playing because the more people playing the more fun it should be. :)

Once I get the deck I will post more about what those cards are like as well as more play experiences.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Thomas More church construction starting soon

Future site of Thomas More Catholic Church

Construction on the new site for Thomas More Catholic Church is about to begin and I thought this would be a great blog series and photo story. I plan to chronicle the construction by taking a photo of the site about once a week.

I will tag all of these posts with ThomasMore.

This photo was taken almost three weeks ago and I have two more weeks of photos that will be posted tomorrow.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Akoha is nearly in my reach!

Today I commented on a photo on flickr reminding the person to cover up the Deck ID that was showing in the photo. She promptly updated the photo with it blocked and I posted another comment suggesting that this would be a great oppertunity to play the "Thank you" Akoha card. :) She is playing the card forward to me and I finally get to participate in the game! Hopefully my deck is in the mail and will arrive in my mailbox soon but in the mean time I get this one card to play which will still be a lot fun.

Thank you Librarian by Day!

Still waiting for Akoha cards.

According to the Akoha blog they have sent out the first batch of Akoha cards and I have my fingers crossed that I am in this mailing batch. It has been a week since they announced and I am starting to see a few blog postings from people who received their cards; fingers still crossed. :)

Each night I get home I check the mailbox and then have a sad face :( no Akoha envelope.

Hurry up mail! I want my cards.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Postcard #16 Stamp

A stamp from the Netherlands
Postcard #16 Stamp
Originally uploaded by targeteer2k.

This is the heart shaped globe stamp was on postcard #16 from the Netherlands.

Postcrossing Postcard #16

This postcard was sent to me from the Netherlands. The card says in NL they  have a term "As proud as a peacock"
Postcard #16
Originally uploaded by targeteer2k.

A postcard with artwork of a peacock surrounded byflowers from the Netherlands; it is very colorful and one of my favorite cards so far.

The sender wrote: "In the Netherlands, we use a term: zo trots als een pauw. It means: as proud as a peacock."

This card traveled a distance of 9,081 Kms (5,643 Miles) and took 12 days to get to me.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Postcard #15 Stamp

Stamp from Taiwan
Postcard #15 Stamp
Originally uploaded by targeteer2k.

The stamp for postcard #15 is a cat stamp from Taiwan (Republic of China). I always like it when the cancellation is clear like it is on this card.

Postcrossing Postcard #15

This postcard was sent to me from Taiwan.
Postcard #15
Originally uploaded by targeteer2k.

This is my second card from Taiwan; it is a an illustration by "Jimmy", I can't type the Chinese characters for his name. This card traveled 11,058 Kms (6,871 Miles) and took 15 days to get to me.

Lillis Collection: James T Lillis

James T Lillis
Originally uploaded by targeteer2k.

Here is James T. Lillis the Surrogate of the County Hudson, New Jersey. This is an adoption document from 1898 for Robert Tym. This item has double coolness, it's over a hundred years old and an official document with a big blue seal on it.

If you have any information to add about James let me know.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Lillis Collection: Lillis Sisters

The Lillis Sisters
Originally uploaded by targeteer2k.

Here are the Lillis Sisters. I bought this tobacco card on EBay and so far have discovered very little information about these two girls; if you know anything about them please post a comment and fill me in.

This is what I know; they were bicycle performers(additional photo) during the 1880's. that's it.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Lillis Collection: Bob Lillis

Bob Lillis card
Originally uploaded by targeteer2k.

To start off the Lillis Collection here is "uncle" Bob; he is not really my uncle but I think it's awesome to have had a Lillis play for my favorite baseball team the Dodgers. This is his 1959 Topps rookie card. Bob Lillis played for the Dodgers from 1958-1961.

A few years ago my wife gave me a Dodgers jersey with Lillis on the back and Bob's number 30. I wear it every time I go to a game.

The Lillis Collection

Several years ago I started a collection of interesting things I could find that had anything to do with my last name Lillis. If you have ever been to my website you may have seen the beginnings of this collection. It has grown larger and I've decided that this blog would be a great place to share my Lillis collection so when I get home tonight I start it off with "uncle" Bob. He is on the original site but I want to work through those items first and then add all that is new. I'll tag each post for this collection with "LillisCollection".

Running Exit?

I took a photo of this exit sign because I thought it was funny; he's running for the exit...Am I wrong in thinking this looks like a panicked running exit?
Originally uploaded by targeteer2k.

The local Joann store has this exit sign at the front door and to me it looks like the person is running out.

Is he running?

It's Cheesy McCheeto!

Taken at the Orange County fair vector control booth
Cheesy McCheeto
Originally uploaded by targeteer2k.

The OC Fair was 2 months ago but this photo was on my phone and I finally moved it to my computer this morning. We were walking through a building with a lot of city services and came across the Vector Control booth which had Cheesy McCheeto aka Puff Ratty sitting in the corner. It was awesome and totally fit this years theme of "Say Cheese".

The Giant Pancake

While in HI this summer we order this giant pancake from MAC 24/7. look at the fork on the plate! We ate slightly less than half and had to quit. Those are coffee bean shaped chocolate on top.
Giant Pancake
Originally uploaded by targeteer2k.

This photo was taken back in June at MAC 24/7 in Waikiki, Oahu. I had read reviews about the large pancakes they serve here so Amy and I decided to try them out for breakfast and boy did we get a lot of pancake. This was a coffee flavored pancake and what looks like coffee beans on top are really chocolate. To get an idea of the size take a look at the butter knife on the edge of the plate.

We were only able to eat slightly less than half of it. I should have taken a shot after we were done.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Postcard #14 Stamps

Stamps from Estonia
Postcard #14 Stamps
Originally uploaded by targeteer2k.

The stamps for postcard #14; I got a nice variety from Estonia on this card.

Postcrossing Postcard #14

This postcard was sent to me from Estonia. Painting "Italian Woman with Children at a stream" by Johann Koler.
Postcard #14
Originally uploaded by targeteer2k.

My first postcard from Estonia; it is the painting "Italian Woman with Children at a stream" by Johann Koler.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Am I worthy of being followed?

Blogger added a new feature this week that lets you add a "Followers" gadget to your blog; this allows people to publicly say "hey I like this blog and I want everyone who visits it to know"(you can also select non-public follow). A very neat feature and I am guessing it is similar to or just another way of subscribing to the blog feed.

I added the new gadget to the right panel and of coarse I have no followers because I just added it; am I worthy of being followed?

Here is the office announcement:
Official Google Blog: Follow your favorite blogs

Real life online game?

On Tuesday I decided to grab one of the 500 available beta slots for Akoha from Techcrunch without knowing what kind of game Akoha is because they had not announced yet. Well they have let the cat out of the bag and created this nifty comic to explain how the game is played (similar to Google's comic but more fun to read). It looks like it might be a lot of fun and I can't wait to get my starter deck so I can start "Playing it forward".

I'll post more when I get my starter deck in the mail.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Postcard #13 Stamps

stamps from Germany
Postcard #13 Stamps
Originally uploaded by targeteer2k.

The stamps for postcard #13 were great especially the national park stamp that included the bordering; I was so happy that the sender did not remove the stamp from the border.

Postcrossing Postcard #13

A postcard from Germany. The text on the card translates to "The best mother of the world"
Postcard #13
Originally uploaded by targeteer2k.

This postcard was choosen for me because of the polar bear I use as my profile picture; here is what it looks like:
Diving Polar Bear

The text on the card translates to "The best mother of the world"

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Postcard #12 Stamps

Stamps from Australia
Postcard #12 Stamps
Originally uploaded by targeteer2k.

The stamps from card twelve; I love getting cards with multiple stamps on them and this one was a super bonus with 4 different stamps. They are Maria Island Tas, Platylus, Short-Beaked Echidna, and a Year of the Rat stamp. Very nice stamps!

Postcrossing Postcard #12

This card was sent to me from Australia.
Postcard #12
Originally uploaded by targeteer2k.

This is my twelfth postcard and first from Australia. It took 19 days and traveled12,546 Km to get to me. As a little bonus the sender glued a small envelope to the card that contained some canceled Australian stamps. That was really nice of them and I think they sent the stamps because I mentioned in my profile that I collect stamps.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Postcard #11 Stamp

Flower stamp from Germany
Postcard #11 Stamp
Originally uploaded by targeteer2k.

The Germany stamp that went with postcard eleven. It's a flower named Tranendez Herz.

Postcrossing Postcard #11

Postcard from Germany.
Postcard #11
Originally uploaded by targeteer2k.

My eleventh postcard; this one is from Germany. The text on the card was translated by a nice person who posted a comment on my flickr.

He said:"it's a saying from an author called Franz Kafka and it means - writing to each other is like being connected to each other with a rope."

I like this card.

Google Chrome Features

It was pointed out to me in a comment to my previous post that spell check is a feature of Chrome and that is how I am getting spell correction in my chat window with gmail. After I read the comment I did a search to see what other features are in Chrome that I may not know about and found the official Google Chrome Features page. It is all youtube videos so I wont be able to view them now and will have to wait until I get home tonight. If you haven't already seen these videos check them out and make a new feature discovery.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Google Chrome + Gmail Rocks!

Google Chrome was released for download over 3 hours ago; I've already install and gave it a try with Gmail and it looks the same as it does in IE except now I can make an application shortcut which puts an icon(shortcut) on my desktop. Clicking this shortcut loads Gmail in Chrome minus the omnibar(address bar) and tabs so it kinda looks like a stand alone application. Very cool!

OK now for something that really surprised me today; I have no idea if this feature has been around for a while and I just never noticed or if it's brand Chrome new. While chatting in Gmail with Google talk I noticed misspelled words getting a red squiggly line under them just like you see in a word processor. Google added spell correction in chat! I love it and am already using it a lot. :)

Check out Chrome here: Official Google Blog: Google Chrome now live