Sunday, September 28, 2008

Akoha is fun!

After the awesome Thank You from LibrarianByDay I got an email from Akoha letting me know she played the "Thank Someone" mission card to me and asked to confirm. I confirmed and presto I have an Akoha account! Although I still have not gotten my starter deck with cards to play I am able to go to the Mission HQ and view all available missions that are in the deck as well as created by other users. Guess what? You can add cards to your deck and print out a PDF! I added the "Teach Someone a New Game" mission to my deck and played it to a friend and a couple co-workers and now have 4 friends playing the game and I'm leveling up too.

So after just three days of playing I am enjoying it a lot and will be seeing if more of my friends are interested in playing because the more people playing the more fun it should be. :)

Once I get the deck I will post more about what those cards are like as well as more play experiences.


sfllaw said...

I'm Simon and I work for Akoha! We're happy to have you playing!

Let us know if you have any suggestions, since we're still busy improving it.

Richard Lillis said...

Thanks Simon! I have already made good use of the feedback link on the site.

Thank you for the comment.