Thursday, September 25, 2008

Akoha is nearly in my reach!

Today I commented on a photo on flickr reminding the person to cover up the Deck ID that was showing in the photo. She promptly updated the photo with it blocked and I posted another comment suggesting that this would be a great oppertunity to play the "Thank you" Akoha card. :) She is playing the card forward to me and I finally get to participate in the game! Hopefully my deck is in the mail and will arrive in my mailbox soon but in the mean time I get this one card to play which will still be a lot fun.

Thank you Librarian by Day!


Unknown said...

Hey Richard,

Great catch. Great to have you as part of the game. Email me your address - I've got something for you :)

austin [at]

Richard Lillis said...


Your comment is the greatest comment I have ever gotten on my little blog because I think it means my Akoha cards might be arriving sooner. :)

Thank you for the reading and posting a comment.