Thursday, September 25, 2008

Still waiting for Akoha cards.

According to the Akoha blog they have sent out the first batch of Akoha cards and I have my fingers crossed that I am in this mailing batch. It has been a week since they announced and I am starting to see a few blog postings from people who received their cards; fingers still crossed. :)

Each night I get home I check the mailbox and then have a sad face :( no Akoha envelope.

Hurry up mail! I want my cards.


Nish said...

Akoha shut down their door! It closed for revenue problem!
OK, Here a good news. Some crazy Akohan’s who are crazy about Akoha and love the Akoha community creates a new site- .
We create the site after a yahoo group discussion. Our new mission is "The Spirit of Akoha Shall Live On"

Yes, this is our new mission. Akoha can't stop here. We will take forward this journey in the future.
Thank’s to Alex and Austin (who created Akoha) for supporting us. Also Thanks to them for such a wonderful website-Akoha! Best of luck for their future project

Richard Lillis said...

This post is from 3 years ago :) I played Akoha via the cards and the iPhone app and loved it. the Akoha Spirit will always live on.