Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Akoha: Three Weeks Later

It has been almost three weeks since joining the Akoha beta by confirming my first mission and I’m doing pretty well. Although I still have not received a “real” mission deck I have been able to make good use of the Mission HQ and added several cards to my deck that I was able to print out and play with friends and co-workers. I am doing so well that that my karma point total puts me in seventh place amongst all Akohans and only a few hundred points away from over taking sixth and fifth place.

I'm in seventh place!Watch out Austin I’m going to pass you. :)

So far I have played 13 missions to people and confirmed 4 missions that were played to me. Playing the thirteenth mission advanced me to level 6 which at the moment means nothing but I am sure as the months roll along new features will be added that can apply meaning to a level gained. I already have my next mission (Give Someone a Surprise Gift) planned and will play it as soon as I acquire the item I am giving.

Akoha Mission: Give Someone a PlantOne of my recently played missions was “Give Someone a Plant” and I’m looking forward to seeing this mission get played forward; a new plant is always a nice gift to receive. This was a user submitted mission and I think a great candidate to be turned into an official card. About two weeks ago I submitted a couple mission ideas of my own (“Give Someone a Recipe” and “Give Someone a Memory”) and am looking forward to seeing them get through moderation and become available in the Mission HQ soon. If a mission like “Make Love to Your Lover” [I think this mission is for swingers, otherwise a strange mission to ask to be played forward :-)] can make it on the list then mine should have a chance.

I would have a lot more missions played but it has been a challenge getting some friends to join the game and I think part of the problem is calling Akoha a game. Once they hear game they start thinking video games and time sink. So I have started telling people this is more of an activity that encourages social interaction and not really a game, points and levels are just for fun. Hopefully I’ll get more friends playing and will get missions played all over town. I may start playing missions to a few random people just to see what happens, so far it has worked well with a mission I played to a fellow Postcrosser in Germany; she joined and has already played a mission to a friend.

Back to playing Akoha; could you be the next recipient of a mission card?

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Unknown said...

Interesting reflection on the game/activity concept. We're eager to hear if you find you get more confirmations that way.