Saturday, October 04, 2008

Akoha Update

I've now been playing Akoha for 1 week and have played 9 missions putting me at level 4 and I think one more will launch me into level 5; right now levels don't mean anything but perhaps as the game matures they will. What matters is I am having fun and the people I have played missions to are also enjoying the game.

There was an update to Akoha yesterday but I think most of the changes were under the hood because I haven't noticed much changes except for when I click on an image; they now load into a viewer, seems new but maybe I just didn't notice it before. I think the best addition are the new user tutorials which are very helpful and it even taught me something new so check them out if you are getting into Akoha.

I was doing some blog searches for posts about Akoha to see what people are saying about their play experiences and came across a post by Endless Monkeys describing the game and his interest in wanting to play the game; he is on the beta waiting list but I think he is enthused enough to start playing now so I'm playing the Akoha mission "Link to a Blogger" to him so he can play now. I home you enjoy the game Greg and be sure to play this mission forward.

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