Monday, October 27, 2008

Gifts From Japan

My buddy Ian just arrived home from his 54 days in Japan and brought me gifts. I had asked him for one thing and that was a Coke can from Japan and he came through with a can; it almost looks the same as a can here in the US but with nutrition and ingredients in Japanese. The big surprise is that he brought me more stuff!

Disneyland Japan Pressed CoinA pressed medal from Tokyo Disneyland which looks awesome; I wish the pressed pennies at Disneyland were this detailed. I've been collecting pressed pennies from Disneyland for a few years now and it was nice of Ian to think of me when he saw the medal machine at Tokyo Disneyland.

He also got me a postcard sent from Mount Fuji that was stamped with a special cancellation that can only be gotten from Mt Fuji. Very cool and a nice addition to both my postcard collection and stamp collection.
Postcard from Mt Fuji, Japan

There are 4 cancellations on this card with 3 of them being the special cancellations from Mt Fuji Post Office
Postcard from Mt Fuji, Japan (Stamped)

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