Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Akoha Starter Deck Has Arrived

Akoha: Info cards from starter deck

Two months ago I ordered an
Akoha starter deck and yesterday it finally arrived! Although I have already been playing the game for about 6 weeks it is still very exciting to now get to use the actual cards; so many new missions to play. :) If you have not heard of Akoha please check out this nifty comic that explains the game play

Akoha: Mission Cards

The photo above shows 12 of the missions that come with the deck; the missions range from simply thanking someone or generating a smile to giving a surprise gift, chocolate or flowers. Besides the preprinted missions, Akoha has the Mission HQ which is where users have the opportunity to suggest new missions. Currently there are about 100 additional missions that can be added to your deck and to play them you simply print out a PDF and fold. A couple of my suggested missions are on the list; "Give Someone A Memory" which is played by giving a friend something that reminds them of a fond memory such as a photo, letter or article.  "Give Someone A Greeting Card" which is intended to encourge the giving of nonoccasion greeting cards such as cheer up, funny or inspriational cards.

If you are not already in the Akoha beta and it seems like something you want to try out, sign up or seek out a current player and have them play a mission to you. That's how I got in. :)


Unknown said...

great blog post, Richard! Thanks again for all the support. :)

drikkes said...

Congrats, they're looking good! I'm looking forward to recieve a deck of Akoha-cards, too.

Richard Lillis said...

Thanks for the comments guys.

Michael said...

Found your link via twitter. Anxiously awaiting to get approved for the Beta test.

Any thoughts on how I can figure who has the cards so that I can start playing?