Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My Postcrossing Activity for 2008

I started Postcrossing in February of 2008 and have already sent and received just over 100 postcards. A new stats feature was recently added to the postcrossing site and it gives some interesting data about our postcrossings. I have sent 104 postcards to 31 different countries with Japan (7), Germany (13) and Finland (23) being my top three destinations. I have received 101 postcards from 29 different countries with Netherlands (9), Germany (15) and Finland (25) being my top senders.

Here is a nifty graph from my stat page showing the number of cards received and sent each month.

My Postcrossing Activity for 2008

My current postcrossing numbers are:
» Sent: 104 postcards
» Received: 101 postcards
» Traveling: 0 postcards out of 10
» Sent distance: 979,779 Kms (608,806 miles)
» Received distance: 973,188 Kms (604,711 miles)

I've got 10 cards to send out and will write them this weekend. I'm looking forward to another wonderful year of postcards in 2009.

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