Thursday, December 31, 2009

Postcrossing Postcard and Stamp #66

Postcard #66

Postcrossing Postcard #66 is from Brazil and is a photo of Farol da Barra(Portuguese) a historic lighthouse in Salvador. This card traveled 9,836 Kms (6,112 Miles) and took 13 days to reach me.

Postcard #66 Stamps

An excellent mix of stamps from Brazil, a Trompete(Trumpet), Sapateiro(Shoe Maker), and a depiction of João Guimarães Rosa a Brazilian novelist, considered by many to be one of the greatest Brazilian novelists born in the 20th century


Shaunna said...

I have linked your blog in mine:
Have a great day!

Elaine Valeria said...

Hello! The man on this Brazilian stamp is João Guimarães Rosa. This stamp is an hommage for his centenary of birth. He was a great, great writer! Happy Postcrossing!

Richard Lillis said...

@Elaine: thank you for correcting me; I updated the post with the correct information. :-)

Unknown said...

Love that postcard! The stamps look cool as well. Thanks for sharing this.