Monday, February 14, 2011

This is what $91 gets you on

My wife called me today to thank me for the flowers I sent her for Valentine's Day; I asked her how the flowers looked and she says "It's the thought that counts", OUCH! She sent me this photo of the arrangement and it looks very sad and is poorly arranged. I expected a lot more from FTD; my mom owned a flowershop for many years; we would have never sent out an arrangement looking like this; it barely resembles what I selected.

There was a great deal on Groupon to get a $40 credit at FTD for $20 which sounded like a good deal. I did not want components of an arrangement shipped in a box to my wife so I went to the FTD site to see what was available and they had the option to order florist delivered arrangements and I found one that I liked. I decided to go for it and made my first Groupon purchase.

Back to the FTD site and viewing the arrangement I liked FTD Sweethearts Bouquet (this link is to a FTD affiliated site because FTD has removed the arrangement from their site but this is the exact same arrangement) I decide to upgrade and go bigger by selecting the premium version which in the text description on said has 13 roses and looked a lot fuller.

The FTD tally:
Sweethearts Bqt $64.99

Shipping/Service Fees: $18.99
Tax: $7.34
---------------- ---------
Subtotal $91.32

Groupon Gift Certificate:($40.00)
Total Charge: $51.32

My out of pocket total was $71 because of the $20 Groupon savings.

Never again will I order flowers though the FTD site. I am going back to ordering from a local florist.